Obon holidays notice
Thank you for always supporting us.


Cockney will be closed due to Obon holiday between 14th  - 16th August.

We will be back on 17th August from 11am.


We're looking forward to seeing you again after Obon holidays.



Information of "Shampoo&Treatment"
We made a page of "Shampoo&Treatment".

In total, we have 10 types of shampoo&treatment. We prepare it in order to meet your needs for your hair and scalp. Please have a look !

Thank you.
We accept CREDIT CARD.
As for the payment method,

we accept not only cash, but also CREDIT CARD.


We warmly welcome all customer, including all of tourists.

So please feel free to visit and enjoy our salon!


Thank you.
Holiday closing notice
Thank you for always supporting us.


Cockney will be closed due to new year's holiday between 31st Dec - 5th Jan.

We will be back on 6th Jan from 11am.


Thank you so much for everything this year.

I wish you all happy new year.

We're looking forward to seeing you again next year.



The last business day and holidays

The 30th December is the last business day in Cockney, and we're going to take holidays from the 31st December to 5th January.

For now it's getting fewer about availability in this year.

If thinking about getting your hair cut or done something, please contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you. 
Availability from 12/26 to 12/12/30

How did you all enjoy Christmas and three days holiday?


We'll let you know about availabilitys in Cockney from 26th Dec to 30th Dec.




11:00      available now

16:00~20:00 available now



11:00~14:00 available now

15:30~20:00 available now



11:00~18:00 available now

19:00      available now



11:00      available now

16:00~20:00 available now



15:00      available now

18:00~20:00 available now


Five days have been left this year in Cockney.

We're looking forward to your contact!

Thank you.
On 23th, 24th and 25th December,
there are still a lot of space in Cockney.
We expect that it's getting difficult gradually to make an appointment as Yearend holidays are coming.
So we are looking forward to your making an appointment early!
Thank you.
Shampoo & Treatment Sale
Thank you for always supporting us.


Now, we are having a SALE of ALL SHAMPOO & TREATMENT!


You can buy each Items in 10% DISCOUNTED PRICE!

Moreover, if you buy them together, the price could be discounted up to 15%!


We have more than 10 types of shampoo & treatment, and then we can help you choice the best one for eace person's hair texture and condition.

Please feel free to talk to us about it :)


It's going to be held until 31st January next year.

Please don't miss this opportunity!

Thank you.
Holidays in December and New year

We'll let you know about holidays in December and New years holidays.


【Holidays in December】

5th (Mon)

12th (Mon)

13th (Tue)

19th (Mon)

20th (Tue)


【New year holidays】

31st December (Sat) ~ 5th January (Thur)


Although we usually take days off every Monday, we are going to open the salon on 26th December :)

We're looking forward to seeing you all!

Thank you.
【 Hand & Arm Massage 】

 We have started a new massage menu.



Please come to experience it!





Refreshing Course(hand only)10min  ¥1,000+Tax


Remove Puffy Course(hand&arm)20min¥2,000+Tax


Fatigue Recovery Course(special)35min¥3000+Tax